HP iPaq H3815 Pocket PC

HP iPaq H3815 Pocket PC

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Processor 206-MHz Intel StrongARM SA-1110 32-bit RISC Processor

Memory 32-MB SDRAM , 32-MB Flash ROM Memory

Display 64K color (65,536 colors) 16-bit touch-sensitive reflective thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD)
Viewable image size – 2.26 in wide x 3.02 in tall (5.7 cm wide x 7.7 cm tall)

Audio Audio record and playback (play MP3 music or audio programs from the Web)
One-touch instant-record button
AudiblePlayer link on Compaq CD
Integrated speaker, stereo headphone jack
Integrated microphone

Interfaces Front Panel Buttons 5 buttons plus five-way joystick; (1 on/off and frontlight button and (2 to 5)
customizable application buttons)
Navigator Button 1 Five-way joystick – up, down, left, right and push
Side Panel Recorder Button 1 – voice recorder
Stylus Eject Button 1
Active Bluetooth Indicator 1
Directional Pad 1
Infrared Port IrDA standard, 115 Kb per second
Speaker 1
Light Sensor 1
Microphone 1
Communications Port Interface with USB/serial connectivity that connects to cradle or directly to PC via
serial or USB cable
Stereo Audio Output Jack 1 (standard 3.5 mm)

Operating System Microsoft Pocket PC 2002

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Model iPaq H3815

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